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Pre-Liens 101: Part 3 - The How


Now that we understand the what and why of Pre-Liens, the ultimate question is the How? How have contractors filed in the past? 

Pre-Liens 101: Part 2 - The Why

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This article will continue the journey of the Pre-Lien. From our last article, we understand that a Pre-Lien is a notice of work being done on a property. The next question is why? Why is a Pre-Lien important to customers and contractors, and how does it help both parties?

Pre-Liens 101: Part 1 - The What!

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Both contractors and customers will need to know what a Pre-Lien is, and to be frank, they are not the easiest piece of paperwork to process. This is the 1st part of a 3 part article where we will dive into the world of Pre-Liens and how Klinche plays a consistently valuable role.

“Hey, I’m going to need more money”

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Can we talk about fraud for a moment? We know, you’ve heard it time and time again, “Hacking and identity theft are on the rise”, “Protect yourself or you’ll be doomed!”...but let’s take a moment to talk about the old-school kind of fraud. The kind where a con-man comes out of the woodwork and makes his money off lucrative techniques of working the system. It’s easy to forget this type of common-fraud, especially when other types such as hacking and identity theft take the front seat, but contractor fraud is quite alive and prevalent today.

It's Tax Time!

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It’s that time of year again- tax season! We know filing taxes can be a daunting task, and filing online could be stressful. As with all of your other online payments, you want to make sure your tax and personal information stay private and secure when filing.  

Klinche Appoints Kim Walker to Lead Product Management

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Santa Clara, California – March 1, 2017 – Klinche, the trusted payment solution in the construction industry, today announced the appointment of Kim Walker as Product Manager.  In this role, Walker will be responsible for leading Klinche’s introduction of a new bank loan automation platform and its integration with their existing construction payments solution.